Letters to the Editor

New ATV-safety law should prevent tragedy

Eight years ago, Pam and Steve Saylor of Swansea dropped their son Chandler off at a friend's swimming birthday party. At some point during the party a decision was made to allow the boys at the party to ride all-terrain vehicles. It was a decision that would forever change the lives of the Saylors -- and one that would end Chandler's life. What many don't know about Chandler's accident is that he died trying to avoid hitting another boy. And if you've ever had the privilege of meeting the Saylors, it's not hard to see where this selfless act came from.

Since their son's death, the Saylors have worked tirelessly to implement ATV safety legislation for children in South Carolina.

With "Chandler's Law," signed May 11 and effective July 1, South Carolina will become one of 45 states with ATV safety legislation. The legislation is not perfect but it does establish basic training, safety equipment, and ride-the-right-size ATV requirements.

We'd like to express our gratitude to the South Carolina General Assembly for passing this legislation, and we are especially grateful for the leadership shown by Rep. Harry Ott, Rep. Paul Agnew, and Sen. Brad Hutto. They would undoubtedly agree, however, that the real credit goes to the Saylors who, year after year, never wavered from their commitment to keep children safe.

Because of their efforts, the number of children injured or killed on ATVs in South Carolina should significantly decrease. And that is a goal we can all get behind.

Maggie Michael

executive director

S.C. Children's Hospital Collaborative

Heidi Vaughn


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