Letters to the Editor

Water-quality measures not a growth deterrent

Kudos to Beaufort County Council and to Dan Ahearn, county stormwater utility manager, for advancing proposals that will inhibit further degradation of our waterways.

And "brick-bats" for Beaufort Mayor Billy Keyserling and the executive officers of the county's two homebuilders associations for their knee-jerk opposition. The brick-bat folks have obviously neither perused a map of the county's impaired waterways lately nor assessed our continuing water-quality vulnerability.

Let's look at the facts presented in the May 8 article (a $2,000 to $6,000 increase in construction costs) and apply them to a $300,000 home construction and lot cost. At the high end ($6,000), we'd be talking a 2 percent cost increase, and at the low end ($2,000), we're talking a 0.6 percent cost increase.

Now take the more critical example, a waterfront home. Can you purchase a waterfront lot and build a home for less than $600,000? The $6,000 cost is1 percent of the minimal $600,000 waterfront home and lot, and it declines to a fraction of 1 percent for the more typical higher-priced waterfront homes. Some deterrent.

As Jean Monnet stated, "People only accept change in necessity and see necessity only in crisis." It is so encouraging that our County Council and Dan Ahearn are not waiting on the crisis.

George Johnston

Dataw Island