Letters to the Editor

Areas of agreement exist between political parties

Republicans and Democrats are miles apart on many important issues, yet most Americans say they want the two parties to work together to solve pressing issues.

Lo and behold, there are some points on which libertarian-style Republicans and progressive-style Democrats agree.

Representing the libertarian viewpoint among the current Republican contenders for president are long-time U.S. Rep. Ron Paul of Texas and former two-term Gov. Gary Johnson ofNew Mexico. Both of these men advocate five significant reforms that most Democrats would readily support:

  • Withdraw from Afghanistan in a matter of months, not years.
  • Radically reduce the defense budget, closing many foreign bases.
  • Get out of Libya.
  • End the war on drugs, legalizing marijuana.
  • Unconditionally protect the civil liberties guaranteed in the Constitution.
  • While the two major parties continue to quarrel about the many matters on which they disagree, wouldn't it be great to move forward in a bipartisan fashion on the five issues where the Paul-Johnson Republicans agree with most Democrats?

    Raymond Dominick