Letters to the Editor

Congress can cut its own spending first

We have seen many articles of late relating to repairing our broken economy.

The latest I read identified six U.S. senators, three Democrats and three Republicans, who were going to come up with a plan to "fix" the economy. Their targets are Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. It appears the only fixes they can come up with affect us, but not them.

If our elected legislators want to really do something, let them start with themselves. We hear about automatic pay raises, free haircuts, exorbitant retirement plans and myriad perks we don't know about. In order for us to know all the perks they vote for themselves, we would have to read the National Register in its entirety every time it is published. Have a list of their perks published so we can see what they are. If they ran their homes as they do the United States, they would all be in bankruptcy.

Have them prove to us they are sincere about fixing the economy by eliminating some of their perks. For example, have their pay determined by national referendum, make Medicare their medical retirement plan and make them subject to all the laws they enact. If they do this, then maybe we will have confidence that what they do is for the country and not for themselves.

Michael Graddy