Letters to the Editor

Headline focus misses real story on bin Laden

Two front-page headlines Wednesday: Wall Street Journal, "Massive intelligence haul;" The Island Packet, "Bin Laden was unarmed."

Seriously? Once again, we are considering canceling our subscription, which we would have been done years ago if there were another local paper.

I suggest, "Justice served on a platter," or better yet, "OBL lives six years in million-dollar mansion a mile from military academy."

I am proud (as I have been my entire life) to be an American, and so proud of our Navy SEALs, as well as our entire military. I am disgusted when I look at that headline. Shame on you.

While I am not in the habit of celebrating death, in this case, yee-ha!

And by the way, is it Osama or Usama? Does it really matter now? Methinks not.

You go, Team Six.

Lori Daymon Cook

Hilton Head Island