Letters to the Editor

Don't obscure motives, methods on bin Laden

I wish we would speak the truth so the world knows America and its true beliefs.

We had no intention of capturing Osama bin Laden. Our sole motive was to kill the man. We didn't bury him at sea for Muslim reasons. We got rid of his body quickly to lessen the impact of his being used as a martyr for his religion. We didn't tell Pakistan of our invasion because we thought the country was already knew his exact location and might deter our attack.

Certainly, I'm stating opinions, but I believe common sense will some day show these opinions to be factual.

Our actions were justified and wise. We should not appease this situation with half-truths and half-lies for the benefit of political correctness. I've come to believe political correctness can cut so deep that you may lose your soul.

Wes Breinich

Hilton Head Island