Letters to the Editor

Look carefully at how we're spending money

Recently, you published a letter in which the writer claimed a $1,000 deductible to Medicare would save us $50 billion. In the same issue, you published a box in which it was claimed that $7.1 trillion of the federal debt was due to the Bush administration and $1.7 trillion to President Barack Obama's programs.

The Bush portion, according to your lead story, was due mostly to tax cuts for the wealthy, an unfunded mandate to Medicare and two recessions. We give about $2 billion a year in military and foreign aid to Pakistan; $50 billion is puny.

Osama bin Laden was living in a compound in an area where many Pakistani military officers retire. The Pakistani military intelligence agency has been identified as aiding terrorists. The death of bin Laden does not mean an end to terrorism.

As a former military counterintelligence agent, I know the key to combating terrorism is cutting off terrorist financing. Why have we done nothing in that area, and why do we allow so-called "friendly" Middle East countries to launder terrorist money through their banks? They give aid and comfort to our enemies.

We faced proportionlly larger deficits and debt after World War II. Perhaps we should recall how we solved those problems. And we need a complete overhaul of the tax code, which caters to so many special interest groups.

Allan F. Kipp

Hilton Head Island