Letters to the Editor

Self-preservation guides too many in Congress

I believe a recent letter resonated with many people who know, as I do, that the driving force behind Congress is self-preservation of themselves and their party, not the good of the American people. ("Congress past due for its own reform, April 27")

My stomach turns over and my mind is revolted by the platitudes flowing so effortlessly from their mouths, yet they refuse to work together for creative results. Who could possibly not believe that words without action is deceit and hypocrisy? Yet, it appears that Congress is not concerned about deception and falsehood.

I knew two boys of quite different character. One if confronted by any adversity would avoid it any way he could. The other would face the challenge even if it meant a beating by a much larger boy. His concern was doing the right thing no matter the outcome. Which boy represents the Congress? Probably more important, which boy are you?

Bob Hansen