Letters to the Editor

Don't balance budget on backs of poor elderly

I don't understand people like the recent letter writer, who thinks that the federal budget should be balanced on my back, the backs of seniors and future seniors like myself.

At 73, I would literally die without my little Social Security, Medicare and $20 a week in food stamps. As it is, I only survive. I'm able to buy things like postage stamps and shampoo because I told my story on the radio, and some kind listeners sent me donations.

I worked for years taking care of others in federal programs who had no retirement, plus I cared for my parents, and I was bedridden for years with strokes.

Don't solve the U.S. problems on the backs of the elderly. Tax billionaires their fair share and stop giving money to large oil companies. What is spent on oil companies in five minutes would feed me and other elderly all year.

Frances B. Reed

Hilton Head Island