Letters to the Editor

Delivery drivers have job to do during tourney

Now that the Heritage golf tournament is over for another year, we can reflect back to the fun that was had by those who attended; the fun and honor of those who played in the tournament; and the great weather. The security was tight and should have been.

However, pity the plight of the people who needed to make deliveries to Sea Pines. We seemed to be treated as if we were driving our vehicles with markings that implied we were from Iran.

We were yelled at if, God forbid, our GPS might have led us to a restricted area. We didn't mean to go there, but some politeness (the same type you gave non-truck drivers) would have been nice.

Threats of arrest were thrown around for simple things. (Some things it would be impossible to be arrested for.) We are only trying to do our job.

We dread going in there at that time of year.

Enough said. My motto through my life has always been: "What would you do if you were in my shoes?"

So people, with all due respect to you, please show some to us. Thank you.

Don Rocco

Sun City Hilton Head