Letters to the Editor

Obama strong leader despite the dissension

I have listened to and read horrible comments about President Barack Obama. But with the April 15 letter, "2012 election a chance to fill leadership vacuum," I have to speak up.

First, there are all types of leaders and all have different leadership styles. Just because a leadership style is different doesn't make that person a bad leader. Obama is an excellent leader; however, his style must be different from what everyone expects.

Secondly, you cannot lead when you are questioned on every decision you make, and folks would rather argue than follow their leader. Try to see how effective a leader you would be if nobody follows because of biases. In 2016, when there is a new leader in the White House, let's see how often it is said that the new person in power is not a good leader because invariably his or her leadership style will be different.

There is no way that Obama has been able to golf, party, play basketball or vacation with all that he has had to deal with as president. You cannot convince me that he has not been working, even when participating in some of these activities. He has proved to be great at multi-tasking and accomplishing more in his two years in office, with a lot of dissension, than most presidents before him.

I say stop all the ugly rhetoric; follow our president so that America can be a great nation that I know we all want.

Wilma Holman