Letters to the Editor

Bar set far too low for council behavior

Unbelievable. Mind-boggling. You have to be kidding. These were my reactions to your recent editorial regarding Hilton Head Island Town Councilman Bill Ferguson.

Do you actually believe that Ferguson's "apology" is a "first step in making things right"? According to information in the editorial, Ferguson has been a no-show at many council meetings for years. He is unable to serve on committees until his doctors give permission. He was arrested and charged with criminal domestic violence. He most recently physically accosted fellow councilman George Williams before storming out of the meeting.

According to Ferguson's apology, his problems go back to 1970. This is 41 years. And now you consider that he has made a first step? Or maybe a second step. You wrote about the same thing in 2008. Do you see a pattern here? This is a very serious matter.

You set the bar pretty low for the behavior of elected public officials. What else would Ferguson have to do in order for you to call for his resignation?

Terry Gibson

Lady's Island