Letters to the Editor

GOP actions warrant outcry, not our praise

Almost everyone in this country has benefited directly or indirectly from the union movement. Yet the Republican Party has sought to destroy all unions.

Does anyone honestly believe they would have enjoyed a safe work environment, decent wages, fringe benefits and paid vacations if it were not for unions? Where is the outcry from the active and retired working class, clerical workers, teachers, firefighters, policemen and other public employees?

Medicare is very popular with senior citizens. Yet the Republican Party is hell-bent on eliminating the program. Where is the outcry from retired residents who benefit each and every day from Medicare and whose children would be denied the benefits of the program?

Social Security has been the safety net for millions of Americans. Yet the Republican Party is once again trying to destroy the program. After a near collapse of the U.S. financial system, regulations were put in place to prevent a reoccurrence. Yet the Republican Party is trying to trash those safeguards. How many of us know someone whose primary source of income is Social Security and who would probably be on welfare if not for the program? But the Republican Party wants to privatize it while trashing the financial system's safeguards. Pure insanity, to say the least.

Since its formation in 1958, the AARP has championed the rights of senior citizens. Yet the Republican Party wants to bring down that organization. If you believe the Republican Party has your best interests at heart, you are at best very naive.

Tony Amadeo

Sun City Hilton Head