Letters to the Editor

It would be wiser to plant perennials

As I drive by the new Beaufort City Hall on my way to the gym, I cannot help admiring the beautiful flowers, zillions of yellow snapdragons and other annuals. But then a thought quickly follows: "Why annuals?"

At a time of austerity and financial constraints, in a county that prides itself on electing conservative Republicans, the planting of annuals -- the word, from the Latin annum, means yearly -- tells me that every season those flowers need to be replaced, hence new money needs to be spent.

A very simple solution to save money would be to plant perennials (Knock Out Roses do quite well around here), and all they require is a little pruning and some fertilizer.

Now, maybe all these annuals are donated. If that is the case, I'd say, good for the city government. But if they are not, do you think it is more valuable to plant flowers or to cut positions? But what do I know? After all, I am a Democrat.

Marisa Sherard

Lady's Island