Letters to the Editor

Dredging benefits few, while many would pay

Our state representative has proposed that Sea Pines residents pay for the dredging of our waterways, saying it is "like paying for roads." Unless I have really missed the boat, that is absurd.

Put aside for the moment the significantly small number of residents who use the waterways. Let's see who would have a direct economic benefit. Property owners with deep-water access would improve their property values and boatslip owners would have increased rental income. Commercial interests, such as Sea Pines Resort, would generate more revenue from rentals and gas sales, etc.

How does the resident that's not in one of these categories economically benefit? Are we expecting increased tourism in the amount of $7 million to $15 million (the estimated cost of dredging) as a result of our dredging efforts. Or are we in fact asking all residents to pay this ridiculous amount (whatever it might really be) because of the transgressions of past dredging attempts?

Lastly, I wonder how the real estate community would disclose this in a purchase agreement. "Oh, you may have to pay to dig out the marina, at an undetermined cost, at any time, because a yacht could not run its air-conditioning."

I am going to assume these are politicians getting some print time, pandering to the private and commercial interests that could accrue some economic benefit. Beyond that, this is just silly.

Michael S. Pope

Hilton Head Island