Letters to the Editor

Public not as stupid as president must think

It seems President Barack Obama likes to use the word stupid.

Two years ago, a professor was arrested at his home by a police officer, and Obama called the incident stupid before he had all the facts. He thenheld a "beer summit" at the White House.

At a fundraiser April 14, he made the comment, "You think we're stupid," in reference to repeal of the health care law. Well, the general public is also not stupid. For example:

Obama calls for bipartisan cooperation now that he doesn't control Congress. Yet for two years, he rammed his pet legislation through Congress.

He stated that it was OK for gas prices to increase, and they are. What does he think that will do to the recovery? With the right leadership, we can shed America's dependence on foreign oil and keep our money here.

He talks about the recent budget debate and the severe cuts approved. I'm sorry, but he has not begun to cut. What was cut was mostly low-hanging fruit and fluff. And why did he say nothing about the budget in 2010 when the fiscal year 2011 budget should have been passed?

When is he going to stop spending money that we don't have?

And finally, when is he going to stop blaming previous administrations for the crisis. He has been president for more than two years; it's his problem now.

Does the phrase, "it's the economy, stupid," ring a bell?

Tom Simonetti

Hilton Head Island