Letters to the Editor

Libraries shouldn't bear any more budget cuts

Beaufort County libraries are enormously important to their individual communities.

I have volunteered in many capacities at the Hilton Head Island library and have been to the Bluffton library often. I recently visited the Beaufort library to use its historical collection and stopped to see the Lobeco library facilities.

The people who are still working in these libraries are doing an excellent job in the face of budget cuts in every direction. Staff members are stretched to the maximum, but they continue to provide excellent service in difficult circumstances.

When I re-shelve books in the stacks in the Hilton Head library, I overhear all sorts of conversations -- staff answering reference questions, directing clients to specific needs, providing social interaction and smiles for all who use the libraries. The range of duties that each staff member has taken on is remarkable.

At the children's library in Beaufort, I couldn't help but notice how dirty the carpet was where the children have to sit on the floor. Some of the fixtures and equipment are in great need of replacement or repair in all the libraries.

Everyone understands that budget cuts are necessary, but our libraries have been cut to the bone already. Please try to spare them from more cuts.

Carol E. Morse