Letters to the Editor

Look somewhere else for charter school home

I am writing to express my concern regarding the Beaufort City Council's tentative resolution to have Beaufort Elementary become the new home for Riverview Charter School.

I have seen a copy of the proposed resolution, but I have not seen any "proposals" about where the children who attend Beaufort Elementary now are to go.

Beaufort Elementary also serves as a home to a special education program, AMES Academy, and,in the upcoming school year, a Montessori school. The principal is doing a superb job. The school has been revitalized and is a community school.

As a mother of two children who attend Beaufort Elementary and as a Beaufort native, I am proud of the school and its integral role in downtown Beaufort. How is Riverview deemed a better "community school"? How can officials ensure all neighborhood children who would want to attend Riverview get a spot? What services and programs does Riverview offer that Beaufort Elementary does not? Where will the special programs go?

Will parents, teachers, and educators be polled before City Council makes its decision on a resolution? Riverview is certainly an important part of our community, but it serves half the number of students that Beaufort Elementary does. Is this in the best interest of Beaufort Elementary's stakeholders?

I respectfully ask on behalf of my family and my Beaufort Elementary family that City Council look elsewhere for a home for Riverview Charter School.

Marlo M. Smith