Letters to the Editor

Make sure everyone paying appropriate taxes

I realize Beaufort is a military town, and there are many people who are not permanent residents.

I work in a small community, one of many in Beaufort County. There is a very high percentage of out-of-state license plates in the driveways of the homes. Most of these homes are owned by the residents and have been for quite some time. Yet they still have out-of-state plates.

Are they avoiding paying Beaufort County taxes? I'm sure they are paying taxes on their homes. If they own permanent residences in Beaufort, it stands to reason their cars should be registered here. Perhaps, if these people paid their vehicle taxes, mine could go down.

I have read that other counties are checking and have located quite a bit of "found money." This might be handy for our schools, my tax bill and who knows what else.

Wayne Wicker