Letters to the Editor

Most student athletes meet high standards

As Hilton Head Island High School coaches, we are proud of our student athletes.

Most regularly prove themselves to be not only disciplined athletes, but also strong academics and good citizens.

Our responsibility as coaches is to teach them the skills of the sport and good sportsmanship. However, besides teaching players how to make free throws or ace serves, we serve in multiple roles -- mentors, counselors, friends and disciplinarians. We take on the added responsibilities for the love of the sport and the love of working with these dedicated students.

Even though our student athletes may take on many responsibilities, balancing schoolwork, practices and games and often after-school jobs, most of them show us they are more than capable of meeting the demands. They understand that being a student athlete is a privilege.

Seahawk athletes are expected to abide by school honor codes and policies at all times. We have a zero tolerance for illegal activity or other misconduct. We're proud to say that among disciplinary problems in our school, student athletes rank in the lowest tier. It's unfortunate that thedecisions of one student have the power to influence the public's opinion of the entire team, our coaches and school.

Players and coaches are mutually obligated to behave with fairness, respect and honor. Fortunately, the majority of our student athletes consistently play by the rules on and off the court, and they deserve to be recognized for their citizenship and integrity.

Coach Garret Talarczyk