Letters to the Editor

Pitch our golf tourney as tribute to Stewart

Looking at the old Heritage golf photos, I noticed one of the late Payne Stewart.

Then I thought, why isn't a tournament named after him? I remember him with his knickers and cap strolling around the course being friendly to everyone. He used to run a clinic for the kids at the Heritage. So maybe it's time to change the name of the Heritage to the Payne Stewart Memorial.

I think we would see more notables in attendance, not to mention the PGA Tour would eat it up. I also think a sponsor would love to have its name associated with the tournament. The tournament could have his widow present the trophy to the winner and award scholarship money to the needy.

There was talk that Cadillac wants a tournament in Detroit. To me, they are hoping that the "Imported from Detroit" motto would get people to watch.

The Heritage is in trouble, we need ideas to make it stay. It's quite obvious that sponsors feel that no one watches, and it's a waste of money. Maybe my idea isn't the best, but it's a start.

Larry Mianowski

Hilton Head Island