Letters to the Editor

Lowcountry Estuarium merits continued support

I have been coming to the Lowcountry since I was a child -- first for a traditional Thanksgiving stay at Hunting Island and now as a permanent resident. Over the years, every nook and cranny of the Sea Islands and surrounding area have been explored again and again.

When our son and his wife settled on James Island and their twins were born, it seemed natural to move closer to them. In the six years since, we have taken great pleasure teaching our grandson and granddaughter about this beautiful area. And one of the most important parts of teaching is to have facilities that present information that is also fun and awesome to visitors. The Lowcountry Estuarium is a perfect stop on a visit out to the beach. We can all relate better to the waters and marshes we pass over and through on our drive out.

Port Royal is a perfect example of a treasure that can quickly be turned into waterfront condominiums. Beaufort and Beaufort County should move quickly to save the environment that nourishes us "body and soul." The Lowcountry Estuarium should continue to be funded, and I hope you will promote this to the county.

Lynn N. Morrow