Letters to the Editor

Improving Hilton Head requires making changes

Like the majority of residents of this area, we chose to move here because it is the most beautiful part of our country.

We need to take the initiative and change the way Hilton Head Island copes with changing circumstance. Here are some examples:

Hilton Head should lead, not follow, in recycling. Start by banning plastic bags and requiring all business to recycle.

We should encourage remodeling and renovation of our tiring buildings. Start by revisiting decades-old restrictions that were designed to control the growth.

Many businesses have failed or left the island. The loss of Off Saks Fifth Avenue and the large number of failed businesses and vacant commercial space should tell us something. The mall debacle was avoidable. Start by adapting existing ordinances to encourage retail development and reward those wanting to invest in commercial ventures on the island.

The aging equipment US Airways flies here will be retired soon. Hilton Head Island Airport is a tremendous resource. Start by accommodating the runway needs for carriers' choice of equipment that will be flying here in five years.

This island is a tremendous collection of gifted people who chose to live here or who were blessed to spend most of their lives here.

We have to take steps immediately to begin change that will offer all of us a brighter future as opposed to the last several years of decline.

Ric Gorman

Hilton Head Island