Letters to the Editor

Obama fails to lead on today's critical issues

A letter writer in the April 16 newspaper hit the status of our financial-economic mess on the nail.

U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., is the first to seriously propose a budget that will start to bring down our deficit. Instead of President Barack Obama standing up and commending Ryan for his effort (even if he didn't agree with all of it), he chastised Ryan and his party in his speech last week, making it clear, as always, that he is the president of far-left progressives only and that he is determined to keep this country divided and bring it down economically.

Obama is not a leader. He has not led in the budget process; in fact, his answer to this mess is to tax and spend. He is arrogant and is against anyone who doesn't agree with him.

In the budget deal for 2011, the positions of four "czars" have been eliminated. Obama signed the bill and then stated that he would keep them. He does what he wants.

Obama fooled 50 percent of the voters in 2008. He promised that the government would give everyone the things they couldn't provide for themselves. Could this be the same 50 percent who do not pay federal taxes while the other 50 percent pay? I hope they won't be fooled next time. Obama knows how to read a speech, but he can't answer a question or lead. He is nothing more than a community organizer agitating people all the time.

Fran Bollino