Letters to the Editor

Tea party movement portrayed inaccurately

I am growing very weary of all the misconceptions about the tea party movement and so-called journalists who continue to shout from their bully pulpits that anyone who is a member of the movement is a right-wing extremist racist interested only in the downfall of the federal government. If these letter writers and so-called journalists would take the time to actually go to a tea party public meeting, they would find that representation is not accurate.

I am a conservative who has never protested anything in my life, even when it was very popular to do on college campuses in the 1960s. Now I -- and many like me -- have finally drawn a line in the sand, and those who disagree can do nothing better than call us racists and right-wing extremists simply because we disagree with the direction this country has taken in the past two years.

Get over it. The tea party movement is here to stay, and I hope we can help bring this country back from the precipice of becoming a federal nanny state.

Mike Lewis

Harbor Island