Letters to the Editor

GOP works budget magic for wealthy benefactors

Well, we Republicans did it again. We managed to propose a budget that keeps taxes low for our wealthy patrons, gives less to old people who need Medicare and Medicaid, closes off help for students who need money for college and gives tax breaks to corporations so they can give their CEOs great bonuses while they get rid of the unions that want to share the profits.

All this under the watch of a Democratic president and Senate, so they get the credit or blame. It's political magic.

If we get out of Afghanistan, I suppose we can cut the amount of money we spend on rehabilitation for the troops, and maybe we'll get enough out of that to let a few of us live a good life with all the toys and benefits we somehow think we deserve.

These are the proposals of Rep. Paul Ryan. If you agree or disagree, let him know. If you believe in God, read Isaiah 10:1-3

Marian Taylor

Hilton Head Island