Letters to the Editor

Obama's plan rewards over-reliance on others

Our community organizer president put forth a plan to reduce the deficit that reeks of past Democratic strategies -- class warfare and tax the rich, while assuring those on sacred entitlement programs security.

He proposed no real spending reductions. President Barack Obama, like most in his administration, never owned a business or provided a payroll. The so-called wealthy, most small-business owners, and their employees build and renovate homes, buy cars and boats, hire lawn service, eat out, vacation and give to charities.

With less business success, fewer jobs and more money to the government, people do less of the above.

What part of free enterprise and capitalism does the socialist-leaning left not understand? When the government levied luxury taxes on new boats, the boat industry declined and jobs were lost. All it accomplished was to raise demand and prices on used boats. Reduce personal and corporate taxes and government revenue increases.

Why do we allow people who are mentally, physically and emotionally able to work to leach off hard-working Americans? Support those who truly deserve our assistance because of the aforementioned factors. But remember more cheese tends to attract more mice to the subsistence rolls.

Democrats want people to feel they cannot make it on their own. So-called menial but honorable jobs allowed me to get an education, start a business and acquire the American dream.

Obama wants us to become another Greece, Italy, France or United Kingdom. Who wants that scenario?

Gary Stough

Hilton Head Island