Letters to the Editor

America's prospects are what we make of them

Can anyone doubt we Americans want to support ourselves and have security and stability, or deny the constitutional separation of church and state and the subsequent amendments and acts written to ensure civil liberties?

Issues are hijacked by special interests. We have a broken system. President Barack Obama began leading with the passage of health care and financial reform, with more work to be done. No one can tangibly deny that both will benefit small business and the middle class. Our budget deficit and national debt grow. We have no real investment in new industry.

One can look up the 2012 budge at www.whitehouse.gov/omb/budget.

Sadly, we are locked on liberal and conservative; Democrat and Republican. I never imagined growing up that my primary duty as a U.S. citizen was to just vote and continually repeat that the other guy is wrong, even if I cannot explain why other than to call him an extremist, socialist or neo-con. I regret seeing decisions made based on tradition, cultural falsehoods or greed.

For our future, changes are needed in the tax system to pay our bills, financial markets to facilitate commerce, new industries to create jobs. We have tremendous opportunity with health care and energy. We continue to resist and deny responsibility.

I challenge citizens of every era to re-examine who is the true American. Our founders had great vision. Argument is welcomed; results needed. The majority needs to take charge to build the American dream rather than the American fable.

Kent D. Fletcher