Letters to the Editor

New offender garb prompts tourism ideas

I read with great interest the news story on page 1 of the April 11 issue titled, "Offender program gets new look."

Actually, it is an old look. I remember 50 years ago taking my first trip "down South" and seeing work gangs along the roads dressed in similar black-and-white striped pajamas. We never got close enough to see whether these prisoners were chained together, but it wouldn't have surprised me if they were. Perhaps Beaufort County jail director Phil Foot can accompany each of these crews carrying a shotgun and wearing his jailor's uniform. (I would suggest a Ronald McDonald costume.)

I'm sure Foot is nonplussed that our fair county doesn't include Interstate 95 within its boundaries; then he could get some real national publicity. It's amazing that this new-old "look" is happening just as the nation recognizes South Carolina's kickoff of the Civil War by re-enacting the fireworks at Fort Sumter. And it's really too bad that this program did not have time to percolate for the tea party festivities in Bluffton. Oh well, Beaufort County could bring back the pillory as a last-minute substitute.

And since County Council has shelved discussion regarding funding of the Heritage golf tournament, they can point to this new roadside sideshow as an alternative tourist attraction for next year in lieu of some silly old golf tournament.

Gene Youtz

Hilton Head Island