Letters to the Editor

Speak out for life, truth no matter what comes

As Passover and Easter approach, we recall the history of these celebrations. Our memories are enriched by Holy Scripture, ethnic custom and faith.

As I watch television, I am tempted to become fearful, discouraged or angry. Violence, with an undercurrent of intolerance toward Jews and Christians, characterizes the changes sweeping Africa and the Middle East. Earthquakes, tidal waves and floods uproot tens of thousands of people. Americans seem as deeply divided as we were in 1860.

Have things ever been worse? Yes. Our ancestors survived plagues, invasions, total financial collapse of empires, persecution and wars beyond counting. Remember that our creator still watches over us and calls us to his service. We must stifle our unreasoning fears and hold to the truths that have always set us free.

There will be calamities for me. A neighbor is hurting now. Since we cannot avoid every danger, we prepare. The preparation should be moral, as well as physical. For example, if we are called upon to evacuate this summer, expect delays and confusion. Make sure that no one is left behind.

If the whole world seems to be attacking Israeli or Christian minorities, be a voice that insists on justice and not hatred. Speak out for life and truth.

James Pennell