Letters to the Editor

County has no business setting towing prices

Responding to your editorial "County must push ahead with towing regulations."

You state: "Officials should stay focused on the main problem -- towing to enforce private property parking rules." Great point. It really does make sense for the people who run the private communities to call the tow company and be there when the vehicle is towed. But the part about Beaufort County Council regulating a business' prices is preposterous. There are always a few bad apples in any business, and last time I looked, we were a free society that encouraged free enterprise.

Telling people how to run their businesses and what to charge is getting close to calling them employees and having to pay them employee benefits. If the county does it to one business, what is to stop it from doing it to everyone's businesses? Maybe even yours. Council members have never owned a tow company, so they do not know a tow company's overhead.

Prices should be regulated, as they have been for years for different businesses, by people not using a company that overcharges. For the people who have no choice on what tow company is called, there is a reason they are being towed. More than likely they either broke the law or broke someone's rules. The people who are calling the tow truck to have these illegally parked vehicles towed should be more proactive and understanding themselves and only use companies with reasonable fees.

Carol ThreetBeaufort