Letters to the Editor

Support fairer way to pay for government

Wouldn't it be nice not to pay taxes on what you earn; if April 15 were just another nice spring day; if you did not have to file an income tax form; if you did not have to pay withholding tax; if you paid tax only when you buy something new; if you did not have to keep personal tax records; if you did not have to keep business tax records; if everyone paid tax when they buy something new. (I mean everyone: crooks, drug dealers, illegal emigrants, and foreigners.)

Wouldn't it be nice if prices were lower because businesses did not pay any withholding taxes; if you got a check at the beginning of each month to cover the tax on purchases up to the poverty level; if there were no estate taxes; if there were no IRS; if there were more jobs; if Social Security and Medicare were paid for by a national "fair tax."

Wouldn't it be nice if you encouraged your state and national representatives to pass the S.C. Fair Tax Act (S274) and the Fair Tax bills in Congress, HR 25 and S296.

Yes, it would be nice, and it can be. It's up to you.

Joe Elam