Letters to the Editor

Financial catastrophe awaits unless we act

Our American dream is close to destruction. Our debt, primarily due to entitlements, is dragging the U.S. to its economic death.

U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, with a Republican House, is the first to seriously attempt to salvage America by addressing Medicare and Medicaid. His budget shows compassion by exempting those 55 years and older and the poor; rich pay more for Medicare.

Ryan is courageous. President Barack Obama and Democratic leaders demonize him as a Scrooge and a fraud. With political cowardice, they never passed a 2011 budget, and the president's 2012 budget ignored entitlements. They are the fraud.

Democratic leaders degrade the tea party. They fail to recognize that Americans are disgruntled. Those that protest spending cuts are fueling anger.

Some Americans decry cuts because of economic greed. Many government representatives are stupid with political greed. Without change, our bond and stock markets will collapse and buyers of U.S. debt will demand exorbitant interest rates.

Our president's belated "new" budget speech once again provides much political rhetoric and no specifics. He is a great orator but lacks all credibility. Confidence and trust has been lost. We must elect a new conservative president and conservative Senate in 2012.

I am not against reasonable tax increases (not job-crushing) if necessary for compromise. Ryan's plan pays for reduced tax rates by eliminating 200 tax loopholes. Don't forget that 50 percent of Americans already pay more than 95 percent of total individual income taxes. Lastly, Congressional term limits and a balanced budget must be enacted.

Joe Nelson