Letters to the Editor

Battery Creek works to get best from students

Battery Creek High School has aimed to provide an engaging, relevant, and rigorous curriculum in a safe, orderly and diverse environment to ensure that each student will achieve his or her intellectual and creative potential and graduate with a clear path of action to become a productive citizen. We believe that staff members, students, parents and community members share the responsibility of supporting the learning environment.

At times, concerns are shared with the general public. It is our objective to diminish concerns and to increase the sharing of accomplishments that warrant celebrations. Communicating those points of celebrations is the school's responsibility and responding to concerns with professional courtesy is extremely important to us. While communications are not flawless, we seek to keep students, parents and community members well informed. Decisions at the school are made and will continue to be made in the best interest of students.

Tri-academy offerings at the school during the upcoming school year are available to students across our school district, and our school district officials have communicated their commitment to affording students an opportunity to take advantage of these opportunities.

We invite students and their families to share in the excitement surrounding our new tri-academy offerings by becoming members of our military science and leadership academy, engineering-aeronautics-information technology academy, or our academy of arts and humanities.

Edmond Burnes, principal

Battery Creek High School