Letters to the Editor

Don't use public money to speculate on tourney

Evidently, Beaufort County Councilman Stu Rodman of Hilton Head Island is looking forward to retirement. To advocate a plan to combine taxpayer dollars from the Town of Hilton Head Island, Beaufort County and the state's treasury, along with some private funds, represents a gross misuse of tax dollars that were not collected to finance and speculate on the Heritage, a private golf enterprise.

I use the word speculate loosely, since his revised five-year plan appears not to include that the Heritage Classic Foundation repay these dollars to taxpayers. If the Heritage really does inject $82 million dollars into our economy, as a single study suggests, then those private commercial enterprises that benefit should be eager to pony up the needed money. I don't see that happening. Quite the contrary.

Rodman should tell the public where he stands on the proposed county purchase of Beaufort Commerce Park.

Perhaps the county will also pony up for a rocking chair he can place on his front porch.

Don Z. Fortney

Hilton Head Island