Letters to the Editor

Republicans only doing what they promised us

Hooray. A budget was passed and a partial government shutdown was averted. Congratulations to President Barack Obama and the Democrats.

Wait a minute. Let me check my calendar. It is April 8, 2011, not Sept. 30, 2010, when the budget was due. I do not remember any headlines back in September heralding the imminent shutdown of the government. No newspaper or editorial blamed the Democratic-controlled House, Democratic-controlled Senate or the Democratic president of wanting to shut down the government. No, they just continued to pass "continuing resolutions," spending the same amount of money whether we needed to or not.

But what changed? I remember now: A Republican-controlled House was elected in November, and it was time to cut spending. Yes, those new members of the House who were sent by the electorate to curtail spending were doing their job. Now, let's see if we can pass a budget before Sept. 30, 2011. If we do not, I am certain it will be the fault of the Republicans. If Republicans want to cut spending and attempt to balance our budget, it is deemed inappropriate class warfare. For Democrats in office, budgeting is easy -- spend, spend and spend some more.

Pete Ungaro

Hilton Head Island