Letters to the Editor

Per-pupil cost too high in charter school letter

A recent letter writer commented on the performance of Riverview Charter School.

The writer referenced a per-pupil student cost for the Beaufort County School District. I would like to provide some clarification.

The school district allocates approximately $2.8 million to Riverview. This allocation represents general funding and special revenue funding.

The school has 304 students. Using the state's calculation method, the district's per pupil cost for the 2009-2010 school year is expected to be set at approximately $10,800 (not $15,000 as quoted by the writer). This per-pupil cost includes the following sources of funding: general operating, special revenue, food service, internal service and student activities.

In addition, the $10,800 per-pupil cost includes the $2.8 million allocated to Riverview.

Jesse Washington III, director

School and community Services

Beaufort County School District