Letters to the Editor

Dems protect unions because they need them

The federal income tax rate for corporations is 35 percent. The rate for high earners is 35 percent. When a corporation pays salaries, it deducts those expenses from income and doesn't pay the 35 percent tax rate on those payments.

The person receiving the salary pays a top rate of 35 percent. Either way, Uncle Sam gets the same amount in taxes. Why vilify high earners for their bonuses? Typical Democratic class warfare.

President Jimmy Carter and a Democratic Congress stripped collective bargaining from federal employee unions.

Now the states want to do the same thing to state employees. There was no screaming and gnashing of teeth when the Democrats did it. Why is there so much hatred now about the same thing?

This time when the states stop "check off," and the unions have to collect dues themselves, maybe members won't like the way unions spend their dues. Without union dues and union manpower, there wouldn't be an elected Democrat. They have been in bed together for a long time.

What am I missing? Nothing.

Robert Schmidt Sun City Hilton Head