Letters to the Editor

Fox News, Beck don't misinform their viewers

A writer intimates that Fox News' Glenn Beck lies and misrepresents facts.

The writer apparently only watched Beck's show for a short time as he channel-surfed. I've watched Beck on many occasions. Most of the content in his shows is backed up by film clips or written articles. I watched candidate Barack Obama say, "If my cap-and-trade policy is implemented, electricity rates will skyrocket." Additionally, candidate Obama stated, "Marriage is between a man and woman," and "I support the Defense of Marriage Act." I watched Van Jones, an ex-Obama czar, say during a communist rally he was proud to be a communist, while pushing socialist policies.

If the writer watched an entire show, he would have heard Glenn Beck announce at the end of each show, "If you don't believe any of what you heard, do your own research."

The reason Fox News is No. 1 is because it offers newsworthy shows that are informative, interesting and truly fair and balanced; always having both sides of an issue represented. If one watches Beck, you'll note he criticizes former President George W. Bush and Republicans, as well as Obama and Democrats. The writer misses Murrow, Brinkley, Huntley, Swayze and Cronkite, who were on one-sided, opinionated, liberal shows. They couldn't compete with the 24-hour news cycle we have today. I get my news from Fox, and I'm not misinformed.

If you've never watched Fox, I recommend you watch it for several days, and you'll be hooked.

Lee SgroiBluffton