Letters to the Editor

Beaufort commission seeks collaboration

As the newly named chairman of the Beaufort Redevelopment Commission, I'd like to provide some clarity about who we are, what our mission is and how we are going to get there.

All nine members are from the private sector except for one, City Council member Mike McFee. We are appointed for two-year terms renewable by the council. Through public-private partnerships and other collaborative efforts with stakeholders, we are charged with matching public and private assets to opportunities within the community.

We do this through three working committees:

  • Finance, with a goal of understanding the possible options for funding the projects we develop.
  • Commercial Redevelopment, which focuses on commercial opportunities and commercial infill.
  • Residential Development, which focuses on workforce housing, both new and rehabilitated, as well as other infill opportunities.
  • After City Council recently reviewed our charter, we no longer are involved with the Beaufort parking issue, although a portion of the parking revenue can be used to help fund our projects if approved by council.

    We meet at 5 p.m. on the first Thursday of each month at City Hall, and the public is invited. We welcome your ideas and input. The members of the commission also include Michael McNally, vice chairman and chairman of the Residential Redevelopment Committee; Martin Goodman, chairman of the Commercial Redevelopment Committee; Wendy Zara, chairman of the Finance Committee; Edwin Barnhart; Pat Case; Henrietta Goode; and Keith Waldrop.

    A good place to find more information about the commission is www.cityofbeaufort.org.

    Jonathan VerityBeaufort