Letters to the Editor

Help governor, state solve economic issues

Let's dispense with the jousting by commentators from the lunatic political fringe and focus on giving our state government some positive ideas about helping South Carolina resolve some of its budget and unemployment problems.

Gov. Nikki Haley's first big challenge is the dilemma over whether to continue a tax benefit for Amazon, the Internet retailer that is constructing a $100 million distribution center in North Charleston. Retailers across the state see such support as being unfair since they have to pay sales taxes and Amazon does not. On the other hand, if Amazon is required to pay such taxes, it would probably leave the state as it did when Texas imposed such a tax.

Maybe the governor should call together both sides in her office and figure out a way to resolve this problem without causing a loss to the state's job creation machine. If your readers have a better idea, let the governor know your thoughts and suggestions. We are all in this together.

Thomas E. NugentHilton Head Island