Letters to the Editor

America must rethink misguided foreign policy

This misuse of our resources and military personnel is our biggest mistake since World War II. Our respect as a champion of democracy has suffered, and our ability to affect the outcome of events has been negatively impacted.

Our Middle East foreign policy has mistakenly:

  • Depended on their energy resources without developing an energy strategy.
  • Supported autocratic regimes that impede freedom and economic progress.
  • Supported Israel despite its settlement and apartheid strategies that disregard agreed-to U.N. resolutions and regional treaties.
  • Naively assumed Arab countries, cultures and religion were ready for democracy.
  • Enphasized military versus diplomatic solutions.
  • As changes sweep this region, we have limited ability to help unless we have the courage to admit our mistakes and quickly act to correct them. Hopefully, the administration will meet this challenge.

    But will Congress, as it focuses on budget reductions, have the courage to challenge our continuing military build-up since Sept. 11, 2001, instead of reducing Social Security and Medicare? Our middle class already has sacrificed greatly in the past 30 years as economic expansion almost completely benefited only Wall Street and the rich. Substantial cuts in our military and intelligence budgets are needed to curb our misguided imperialism in continuing and starting Mideast wars that have damaged our nation. This needed action will significantly reduce budget deficits and help return our nation to a more coherent foreign policy.

    When will our representatives recognize this reality instead of blindly supporting continued military expansion beyond our security needs?

    Walt SchymikHilton Head Island