Letters to the Editor

Obama a place-holder in the White House

It is a tragedy that when America needs it most, there is no leader in the White House.

President Barack Obama continues his record of merely voting "present." His State of the Union address was a pep rally with no realistic proposals for tax reform, entitlement reform or significant cuts in bloated government and failed spending programs. The budget submitted was more spending, taxing and borrowing. The president's own debt commission made realistic proposals for tax reform, spending controls and beginning entitlement reform -- all ignored by the president who is missing in action on the most important threat to our nation's future.

Special interests dominate the White House with union bosses, environmental extremists, naive liberals and trial lawyers setting the agenda. The Justice Department leadership is politically corrupt, announcing that the president can now declare which laws are constitutional and will be defended in the courts, while at the same time opposing fast-tracking to the Supreme Court a decision on Obamacare.

A civil war among drug and criminal cartels with thousands of innocent people dying in Mexico continues because our president doesn't want to risk the Hispanic vote and does nothing to effectively secure the southern border. Does he naively think the bloodshed in Mexico is unrelated to cartels seeking to control access to our porous border and the American market for illegal drugs?

The American dream and America's future are threatened, and this president is in campaign mode avoiding the tough decisions needed -- voting present once again.

William PendleyBluffton