Letters to the Editor

Recent news headlines confuse this American

I am very confused. I do not think it is because of my age.

In June 1968, I married the woman I love. God and my church always blessed that union. Former President Bill Clinton signed a law passed by Congress defining and defending marriage as a union between a man and a woman. Suddenly, President Barack Obama and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder have decided not to enforce that law because they think it is unconstitutional. I thought the Supreme Court made those decisions. I am confused.

During my career, I went to work, did my job and received my pay. I did not always like or agree with what I was asked to do, but I did it and got paid. Suddenly, the Democrats who were the majority party have become the minority party in many states. They do not like what is being done, so they do not show up for work. Do not pay them. Warn them, and then fire them. Their job is to represent the people in their district. I am confused.

I am supposed to watch the portions I eat so I can maintain a healthy weight. If I do not, the first lady would like the fast-food industry to monitor my portion sizes for me. I thought I was responsible for my actions, and I had freedom of choice within the law. I guess I only have that choice if I am the first lady, and I choose a chipotle-braised rib dinner. I am confused.

Pete Ungaro Hilton Head Island