Letters to the Editor

TEA Party targeting economic development

In the last meeting of the Beaufort TEA Party, the consensus of those attending was that government should apply the principles of liberty and independence to improve the climate for local business.

To this end, a first step is collecting facts about the state of economic development in Beaufort County. We seek data via a survey concerning ease of starting a business, clarity and necessity of regulations, and accessibility and helpfulness of government employees.

We will ask local entrepreneurs questions such as:

"Have your plans been delayed because you had to wait for the county to respond to a request and, if so, for how long?"

"What have such delays cost you?"

"Is the playing field level, or do you believe there are certain people or companies given favored treatment?"

"Do county employees interact with you as public servants dealing with citizens in a republic, or has the interaction in your opinion been unpleasant or uncomfortable for you?"

When we have collected sufficient facts, we will publish our findings. If appropriate, we also will ask to meet with government officials to discuss the issues found in the survey, identify unnecessary or conflicting regulations and propose steps for rescinding or modifying those that are posing an undue burden on local entrepreneurs.

To take the survey, go online within the next two weeks to the Beaufort TEA Party website, www.beaufortteaparty.webs.com, or contact a Beaufort TEA Party member for a copy of the survey.

Mary Lou CullenBeaufort