Letters to the Editor

Society must rethink priorities for investment

I wonder if anyone else who read the editorial page of Tuesday's Gazette may have noticed how the piece exhorting the school board to dig deeper by closing Shell Point Elementary reflected the article on the opposite page dealing with Gov. Nikki Haley's campaign support.

The similarities are a sad commentary of the priorities we have come to accept as status quo.

To quote the editorial, "Shuttering a school could save as much as $900,000 in one fell swoop." My eye was immediately drawn to the bold headline on the facing page trumpeting "Group spent $900K on Haley campaign." The group solicited this money from tobacco, oil, pharmaceuticals, the list goes on. What an interesting convergence of numbers.

Yes, we have to tighten our belts; yes, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate also received large sums of money. Save those arguments for another day.

The big question is this: When are the independent-thinking members of society going to step forward and emphatically make the point that our priorities are badly skewed? Unless we rethink where we should be putting our money, businesses and individuals alike, we are surely destined to occupy a much lower rung on the world's ladder.

Carol Lucas

Lady's Island