Letters to the Editor

When will dog owners take responsibility?

I read with horror the account of the child being mauled by a pit bull in the town of Port Royal. Seeing her picture in the paper prompted this letter. When are dog owners going to take responsibility for their dogs?

I live in the Mossy Oaks area and take walks in the late afternoon. I am convinced that when residents arrive home from work in the afternoon, they let their dogs out to run loose. The closer it is to dark, the more dogs there are.

I am afraid of dogs; I always have been. Now I walk with a cane and wouldn't stand a chance if one attacked me.

One day, a dog charged at me, snarling and growling. I held my cane out in front of me to fend it off. The dog's owner came from his house, reprimanding me for yelling at his dog and threatening it with my cane. Yet another example of an irresponsible dog owner.

Beaufort has a leash law. Dogs must be confined or on a leash at all times. Apparently, many dog owners are not responsible enough to obey this law. They should be charged accordingly.

I am pleased to read that the pit bull's owner was charged and taken to jail. It is my right as a citizen and taxpayer of Beaufort to be able to walk in my neighborhood without the threat of being bitten by a dog.

Theresa M. Pulliam