Letters to the Editor

Help spread the word about great local events

Those of us fortunate enough to have been there enjoyed the fifth annual Beaufort Film Festival -- the best to date.

Applause to Ron Tucker and all of his volunteers, and, of course, to all the paying patrons who supported the festival.

Yet, for reasons I have never figured out, a lot of locals were not there, some of whom I have heard complain about the lack of events in Beaufort.

This weekend we have an authentic Irish Festival right here in Beaufort. These events are very inexpensive to attend and some are free. All proceeds from the Irish Festival go to a local charity.

Limited budgets prevent local organizers from massive advertising and, unfortunately, many people have lost their ability to read the newspaper since the advent of the cell phone.

Readers, please do your part to tell the uninformed that there are real cultural happenings in Beaufort all year long. If they go, they may enjoy; if they enjoy, they may spread the word and even return for more.

Gerry Kenny