Letters to the Editor

Owners, pay attention to your aggressive dogs

It has been two months since our cat was killed in our own backyard. A neighbor's dogs had gotten loose. It came into our yard, where it killed our cat. We had our cat for almost 14 years, and she was truly part of the family. I'm sure any animal lover can understand that.

Our cat was getting old, but was in excellent health. I'd recently wondered before this happened how much longer she'd live, assuming that cats probably live 17 to 20 years.

However, I never expected for her life to be cut short this way. Every day we miss her and wish she was still here.

Owners of aggressive dogs should take more care to make sure their dogs don't get loose. What if it had been a child the dog attacked?

I hope that by reading this letter owners will take more precautions to make sure their dogs aren't running loose. If just one pet's life is saved by this letter, it will be worth it. I wouldn't wish for anyone's pet to be killed in the way that ours was.

Julie BaumgardnerBeaufort