Letters to the Editor

Air station has always had 'sound of freedom'

It seems that many of our neighbors are concerned about the potential of aircraft noise when the F-35B aircraft arrives at Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort.

I am sure there were similar concerns when the air station was reactivated in 1958, and with the arrival of the FJ-3 Fury (one engine, no afterburner), the F-8 Crusader (one engine, with afterburner), the F-4 Phantom (two engines, with two afterburners) and the F-18 Hornet (two engines, with two afterburners). The F-35B has one engine and one afterburner.

If any of these people arrived in Beaufort via U.S. 21, they passed the entrance of the air station -- with four jet fighters on display. They should have been aware of a major jet base with the associated noise. If they did not investigate the pros and cons of living in this environment, shame on them and shame on their real estate agent for not informing them.

If "the sound of freedom" disrupts their bridge social, cocktail party or golf game, they have two options -- either adjust and live with it or move.

Perhaps the next item of complaint will be the sound of musketry from the Parris Island ranges.

Dale L. BroamBurton